Sex Therapy

It’s no wonder we are confused about sexuality. We are bombarded daily by the popular media with messages about sex. We hear how we should look, feel and act a certain way. Unrealistic messages about always being in the “mood” and how easy, good and spontaneous sex should always be are frequently portrayed in the media.

Sexual concerns often impact an individual’s ability to form or maintain healthy intimate relationships. Work, family problems, relationship issues, health problems, aging, medication, addiction, stress, anxiety and depression can all have a negative impact on one’s sexuality. Often fear and embarrassment inhibits people from discussing their sexual concerns with their intimate partner, physician or therapist.

Individuals and couples may seek therapy for sexual concerns that may be impacting them personally or impacting their intimate relationships. Some of the frequent concerns that individuals and couples seek sex therapy for are: low or lack of sexual desire, sexual functioning and performance concerns, sexually compulsive behavior and porn/internet addiction, medical conditions affecting sexuality and sexual identity issues.

I work with individuals, heterosexual and gay/lesbian couples in a way that allows clients to comfortably discuss sexuality. After a thorough assessment, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Depending on the issue, I may refer you to a physician, therapy group, twelve-step recovery program or workshop. In my work with couples, I will be using Imago Therapy to create a comfortable and safe environment in which couples can use dialogue to re-establish an intimate connection.

sex therapist
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