Online Therapy

online therapyOnline therapy, telemental health, and videoconferencing sessions are some of the terms we have heard a lot about the past few years. To continue to be available to all clients in Maryland and Delaware, I offer telemental health services through a HIPPA compliant site called Simple Practice. All my sessions are synchronous, meaning we see each other in real time via the computer.

Advantages of Online Therapy

Confidential – all sessions are over an easy-to-access HIPPA complaint telemedicine platform, called Simple Practice. Sessions and data are secure and protected.

Easy to use – at the time of your appointment, you simply click on a link and the session will begin. No special equipment is needed, except a computer or smart device with a camera and built-in microphone.

Convenient – no hassles driving to and from sessions. A session can more easily be scheduled during lunch hour, for example.

Cost saving – no need to pay for a babysitter, parking, or gas.

Accessible via online patient portal – enabling patients to complete intake paperwork securely, schedule future appointments when convenient, and send and receive confidential, protected data and messages.

Research has shown that video conferencing psychotherapy for couples, marriage, and individuals is highly effective. The therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy via video sessions is comparable to the alliance found in in-person treatment.