Addiction & Intervention

Abuse and addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication can cause serious long-term, and sometimes irreversible, health, career, financial, legal, family and relationship problems. When a person becomes physically or psychologically dependent he or she may not be able to stop or control their use despite repeated negative consequences.

If you are concerned that you may have a problem the first step is to admit it to yourself. You can go on-line and take a confidential test by searching for MAST (Michigan Alcohol Screening Test ) or DAST (Drug Abuse Screen Test). The second step is to get a professional assessment by a mental health professional with specific training in addictions.

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As a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, I will provide a comprehensive assessment as well as treatment recommendations. If outpatient treatment is recommended, I will work with individuals or couples who have addiction issues. I may also suggest participation in a twelve-step program, group therapy, intensive outpatient program, or inpatient addictions facility.

Family Intervention Services

Creating a gentle, loving “crisis” can help motivate the addicted individual to seek treatment. As a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, with specialized intervention training, my role is to provide education, guidance, assessment and referral to the family and addicted individual. The goal of an intervention is to break through the wall of denial, shame and hopelessness so the addict and family can start the process of recovery.

I usually meet with the family 2 to 3 times before scheduling a meeting with the addicted individual. During these meetings I will assess the problem, look at resources and discuss treatment options. Family members will be asked to prepare, often in writing, and be given a chance to practice what they would like to tell the addicted individual. Prior to the last meeting, arrangements will be in place for appropriate treatment to begin immediately following the individuals' agreement to participate.

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