Marriage Counseling

One of the first things we do in marriage counseling is to remember what it was like at the beginning of our relationship. What attracted you to one another? What was it like to feel the love and be cared for? Recalling all these positive memories and thinking back to happier times is important as we begin to learn new communication skills, explore difficulties, and resolve issues. Learn more.

Couples Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is based on the best-seller, “Getting The Love You Want”, by Harville Hendrix, PhD, who co-founded Imago Relationships International together with his partner, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. Imago Relationship Therapy is a theory and therapy for committed partners who want to find a lasting mature love. Often referred to as the “Language of Love”, Imago Therapy creates a safe environment for partners to reconnect to the love, caring, and passion they once had in their relationship. Learn more.

online couple therapy

Sex Therapy

It’s no wonder we are confused about sexuality. We are bombarded daily by the popular media with messages about sex. We hear how we should look, feel and act a certain way. Unrealistic messages about always being in the “mood” and how easy, good and spontaneous sex should always be are frequently portrayed in the media. Learn more.

Addiction & Intervention

Abuse and addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication can cause serious long-term, and sometimes irreversible, health, career, financial, legal, family and relationship problems. When a person becomes physically or psychologically dependent he or she may not be able to stop or control their use despite repeated negative consequences. Learn more.

Online Therapy

Online therapy, telemental health, and videoconferencing sessions are some of the terms we have heard a lot about the past few years. To continue to be available to all clients in Maryland and Delaware, I offer telemental health services through a HIPPA compliant site called Simple Practice. All my sessions are synchronous, meaning we see each other in real time via the computer. Learn more.

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