Marriage Counseling

Married couples seek marriage counseling for a variety of reasons, not dissimilar to the reasons that unmarried couples seek couples counseling. When we marry, we tell ourselves that this will be forever. No one ever goes into a marriage with the intent of separation or divorce.

Marriage can be hard at times and there are a lot of stressors on today’s couples. Often, two parents are working demanding jobs, raising children, or caring for an elderly family member. In addition to the demands of balancing work and family, we have problems created from social media use, internet porn, addiction, financial issues, and affairs.

One of the first things we do in marriage counseling is to remember what it was like at the beginning of our relationship. What attracted you to one another? What was it like to feel the love and be cared for? Recalling all these positive memories and thinking back to happier times is important as we begin to learn new communication skills, explore difficulties, and resolve issues.

marriage counseling

My goal as a marriage therapist is to create a safe environment for the couple to begin the process of healing and growing together in a positive direction. This is most effectively accomplished through Imago Dialogue, where partners learn to communicate without defensiveness and learn how to increase empathy and compassion for one another.

Learn more about how Imago Relationship Therapy can help to revitalize, heal, and re-romanticize your marriage.

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